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If you are an English-speaking international student in Italy and looking for support with a native English speaking psychologist in the Bologna area or  online, I can offer you cultural adjustment sessions through your University or Local Campus if this service is provided.


Offro consulenze psicologiche, valutazioni psicodiagnostiche e percorsi di psicoterapia e supporto psicologico nella lingua italiana. Sono specializzata nell'approccio cognitivo-comportamentale che ha lo scopo di identificare a modificare stili di pensiero negativi che sono spesso di ostacolo al cliente. Integro nel mio lavoro clinico tecniche che provengono da diversi approcci psicoterapeutici di stampo cognitivo (Schema Therapy, Terapia Metacognitiva, Terapia Dialettico-Comportamentale).


If you are an English-speaking expat, student or traveller in Italy and looking for psychological support with a native English speaking therapist in the Bologna area or simply online, I can provide you with either short-term psychological support and counseling or longer term psychotherapy. I am specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy, aimed at identifying and changing unhealthy or unhelpful negative thinking patterns, and I draw from a wide range of useful techniques from various cognitive approaches including Schema Therapy, Metacognitive Therapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.


With a Single Session, Therapist and Client meet only once with the understanding that it will be the only time they meet. These sessions last a bit longer than regular sessions and average about 90 minutes with the scope of getting you "unstuck" in whatever issue, situation, or difficulty you are currently encountering. During a SST we will focus on a specific problem and on your resources and skills needed to handle it. Through the use of CBT techniques I can help you identify what you can do to manage better. The intention is not to give "advice" but rather help you fix your problem yourself.


Supervisions in REBT

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy developed by the psychologist Albert Ellis.

It is an action-oriented approach that focuses on helping individuals identify and change their irrational beliefs, learning to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a healthier way, with the ultimate goal of learning to unconditionally accept not only themselves but also others and life itself, despite the challenges it presents. Irrational beliefs can pertain to oneself, others, and the surrounding world.

Starting in 2023, I am an appointed Associate Editor of the research journal Journal of Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

I am specialized in REBT, having received Advanced Training in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy at the Albert Ellis Institute, where I spent time during my doctoral training in 2016.

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