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Other Projects

Here you'll find information on other projects that I am involved in.


Climate Cafés

As  part of a group of English-speaking therapists that are also CPA-trained facilitators, we conduct Climate Cafés.

A climate café is a supportive, welcoming, and empathetic listening circle and space where concerns and uncertainties regarding our climate and ecological crisis can be openly expressed and received within a safe, non-judgmental environment.

As the increasing clarity of climate change and ecological collapse as a direct and current threat to our security and well-being becomes more evident, it is of growing importance to engage in discussions about what our evolving world means for us on a personal, familial, and societal level. We need to delve into these details in order to think about them clearly and constructively, and to delve into some complex emotions and thoughts that are often considered taboo and challenging to address.

A climate café aims to serve as such a framework, a robust container that allows for the exploration of fear, anxiety, and other emotions such as anger, helplessness, sadness, grief, or depression, in other words eco or climate emotions (eco-anxiety, eco-grief, eco-anger).

To organize a climate café for your institution, school, university, company, or organization, contact us here:

-Adapted Text (Climate Psychology Alliance)

ECO-EAT PROJECT: Research on
Eco-concerns related to eating behaviors

The research project "Eco-Concerns Associated with Eating, Distress, and Psychological Well-being in the General Population and Patients with Eating Disorders" aims to validate the Italian translation of a tool titled "Eating-related Eco-concerns" (Qi et al., 2022). This tool is designed to measure the presence of environmental concerns and problematic eating behaviors associated with them. Additionally, the study seeks to investigate the relationship between environmental concerns, problematic eating behaviors, psychological distress, and the link between environmental concerns and healthy, sustainable eating behaviors and levels of psychological well-being. The research targets both the general population and individuals with eating disorders.

Here the link to participate.

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