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Climate and

Here you will find information on current projects relating to mental health and climate change, in particular on eco-emotions or climate emotions, the mental states associated with the climate and ecological crisis we are living.

Most of the research and training projects are, for the time being, in Italian.

Workshops in Eco-psychology, Ecotherapy and Eco-emotions

The training courses aim to provide an introduction to Ecopsychology and Climate Psychology for managing Eco-Emotions in Clinical Practice, specifically designed for psychologists, psychotherapists, and psychiatrists who wish to integrate specific skills to address mental health issues related to the environment.

The training aims to offer a theoretical and scientific overview to help understand the phenomenon of eco-emotions from both a clinical and ecopsychological perspective and to provide specific assessment and intervention tools, including exercises from ecotherapy. Clinical cases are discussed to present practical strategies that clinicians can adopt to align their practice with the climate and ecological challenges of our times and to contribute as professionals to strengthening eco-resilience in their communities and territories.

Forest Trees

Climate Cafés - Support for the Climate Crisis

As  part of a group of English-speaking therapists that are also CPA-trained facilitators, we conduct Climate Cafés.

Derived from the Death Café model, a climate café is a straightforward, public, welcoming, and empathetic space where concerns and uncertainties regarding our climate and ecological crisis can be openly expressed and received within a safe, non-judgmental environment.

As the increasing clarity of climate change and ecological collapse as a direct and current threat to our security and well-being becomes more evident, it is of growing importance to engage in discussions about what our evolving world means for us on a personal, familial, and societal level. We need to delve into these details in order to think about them clearly and constructively, and to delve into some complex emotions and thoughts that are often considered taboo and challenging to address.

A climate café aims to serve as such a framework, a robust container that allows for the exploration of fear, anxiety, and other emotions such as anger, helplessness, sadness, grief, or depression, in other words eco or climate emotions (eco-anxiety, eco-grief, eco-anger).

-Adapted Text (Climate Psychology Alliance)


ECO-EAT PROJECT: Research on Eco-concerns related to eating behaviors

The research project "Eco-Concerns Associated with Eating, Distress, and Psychological Well-being in the General Population and Patients with Eating Disorders" aims to validate the Italian translation of a tool titled "Eating-related Eco-concerns" (Qi et al., 2022). This tool is designed to measure the presence of environmental concerns and problematic eating behaviors associated with them. Additionally, the study seeks to investigate the relationship between environmental concerns, problematic eating behaviors, psychological distress, and the link between environmental concerns and healthy, sustainable eating behaviors and levels of psychological well-being. The research targets both the general population and individuals with eating disorders.

Here the link to participate.

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